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 Full updated torrent of MP3s - will anyone seed if I make it 
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Just wondered if I should make this. Sorry, I feel the need to ask this, if not enough people download and seed this torrent then the torrent will die. I made this torrent a little while ago with all the songs from Keygen jukebox has a large number of the songs from this website. So I wondered; if I download the newest music pack and convert all of them to mp3 and make a torrent will anyone download it and seed it? If there's any demand I'll make it but you can see that I won't bother if no one cares as the torrent will just die. Should I wait until the next update before making it? Do we even need it when we already have an mp3 pack (even if it's a little old).
Just a few other things that are a little unrelated but I couldn't find the answers and didn't know where to ask, so some unrelated things:
Are these songs copyright free? Can I put them on another website for example if I wanted to? Will I have to credit each artist?
That sign up question is really quite difficult, I didn't understand it for a while and it took quite a few goes to get it, however as it never changes I'm unsure that it's needed, couldn't "what is one plus one" work just as well?
How often do music packs update? Each time a new song is added or only when a lot have been and how often are songs added?
Anyway, thanks.

Sun 2011-04-03, 0:15
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With such a question you should ask an administrator of this project.
I think you can help. ;)


Wed 2011-04-13, 16:10
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We don't like torrents generally - we prefer to host everything on our servers, especially for availability and security reasons.

Please contact denis111 to discuss your questions. After this we will talk about sharing content on our servers.

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Thu 2011-04-14, 18:53
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True, although torrents are secure. I just suggested a torrent as I think all the mp3 files would be of a large size and was therefore unsure if the server could handle the traffic.

Fri 2011-04-22, 14:09

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Hi everybody.

I got the same idea; wrote a script and started converting,
then went on the website looking for contact information,
found the forum and your post. brilliant ;-)
I used xmp ( for the conversion (to .wav) and lame for .mp3.
Which stepps do you use? Which program?

@all / mods / admins
Some thoughts about the whole topic..

First of all, i think having an archive like is the most important thing.
What i mean is that the trackerfiles need to be preserved in the original format.
The sound will always be altered when compressing with something like mp3, of course.

So why all this?
I think sometimes many people would like to have an archive in a .. 'more playable format'
than .xm, .mod and so on.
Maybe the media player they like to use can't play them or it's intended to play them on a hardware mp3 player or similar.

If there will be a mp3 version of the ' music pack', then it should be an 'unofficial pack'.
The only 'real' way is using the original files.
Furthermore there's no guarantee that all files are correct or even there and so on.

I know of one mp3-keygenmusic torrent, which is around for a couple of years. (Somewhere around 4GB in size.)
I don't know the source of the files included (on which collection it is based - maybe even recorded from an internet radio),
but i believe many of the tracks were cut/incomplete. Not very satisfying.
The interesting fact about it is that there are still people who want to leech it.
I got the torrent and when i start up my torrent client, there is someone looking for the keygenpack quite often.

Using a torrent as the only way of hosting:
Would be negative if it is planned to be updated too frequently.
A possible good interval would be 1x a year?
It might be an advantage for There is a distance to the content, it's easier to state that is not responsible for bad quality/incompleteness etc.
Hosting it on Wow, this would be very convenient, nice, great, ..., but possibly very much traffic..

Some words about my conversion process:
It's based on the 2012-01 pack.
The program xmp was used for the conversion.
File formats included in the pack which xmp doesn't play:
.ahx .bp .d00 .fc13 .fc14 .mid .mo3 .ogg .sc68 .sid .v2m .wav .ym
but these are relatively uncommon in the pack.
Taking .mid .ogg .wav out, there are 171 tracker files which have not been converted by xmp.
taking .mid .ogg .wav in the counting, we get 220 files.
The whole archive has 3011 files.
Counting the already converted files: 2777 .mp3 files.
So ~150-250 files (depends on counting wav,mid,ogg or not) have NOT been converted using the xmp approach.
I did not convert the quite common formats .mid .ogg .wav to mp3, because.. they're common? :p
These don't need to be in the original AND mp3 pack, so i left them out of the mp3 pack.
The resulting size is approx 6GB as vbr mp3.

At this point, i went from tracker format to wav, then mp3.
The mp3 fiels do not have an id3tag.
Improvement1 of the script whould be to get the trackname from the trackerfile and write it into the id3 tag.
improvement2: other formats?


edit: oh, i misread the dates.. has been nearly a year.. :o hope you are still there
edit2: fixed typo.

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Tue 2012-02-28, 12:03
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My idea was always like this: make one complete instruction how to convert all files properly and then upload it to our servers - we've got enough space for this.

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Tue 2012-02-28, 12:39
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Wow, that was a short response time... :o

> convert all files properly
Yes, that makes sense.

> make one complete instruction how to convert all files
what do you mean?
= make a howto? and or combine everything in one script/batchfile/makefile/... ? That would be what i planned.

> then upload it to our servers - we've got enough space for this.
that sounds great.

soo.. next step is to find programs to cover all formats.
ideally commandline-driven so the scripting is easier/possible.
I started looking around a bit, but i think it will take a while, but good to know, that you are willing to put it online _if_ there is a nice way to convert the whole pack with all files.

there were some files (.mod) (maybe 20-30, i didn't count), which xmp couldn't play, for example
PSC/PSC\ -\ 4Leaf\ Video\ Converter\ 2.3\ crk.mod
but this specific file can be loaded and played in milkytracker for example. so to file isn't broken. Damn.

One interesting player is the Fox Audio Player, it should play the .ahx format (from the 'xmp doesn't play the following formats'-list in my previous post)

Let's see if everything will work..
I'll post, if i got any progress.

Greetings again.

Tue 2012-02-28, 20:36
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>make a howto? and or combine everything in one script/batchfile/makefile/... ? That would be what i planned.
yes, it should be some script. (i'd prefer bash/unix or makefile compatible)
>ideally commandline-driven
agree. there's winamp plugins available almost for every format. It would be great to find some win32(use wine if linux) command-line player with support of winamp plugins with some possibility to inject a specific plugin and version for specific files.

So it could be comletely automated re-encoding only new and updated files and deleting removed files.

You can also contact xmp developers and send them a file wich should be played but it fails. I did so in xmplay forum and it was fixed.

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Tue 2012-02-28, 20:56
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For the people who might be interested, i've converted the February 2012 pack to Ogg and put it on the net at:

you might use wget or httrack to rip the complete directory.

Cheers :)

Wed 2012-03-07, 23:09
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