[img] tag is now disabled
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Author:  Marek [ Fri, 2019-07-26 12:30:35 ]
Post subject:  [img] tag is now disabled

From now on, the [img] tag used to attach images to the posts has been disabled.

The decision is based on the following:
1. Links can expire. In such case, the post is loosing it's content, possibly making it harder to understand or even making it completely useless. As a result, the entire forum looses it's quality.
2. Loading files from external server can take more time than loading it from the forum's server. Those servers can be slow or overloaded, again lowering the user's experience.
3. We have no control over external servers, so they can serve us anything, not necessarily the requested image (image place holder at the best, disgusting image at the worst).
4. Loading external files can be a security problem.

Attaching images to the posts is still welcome, but please use the built-in "attachments" feature. After posting, the image will be shown as it would do in case of using the [img] tag. There is also a possibility to place images in every part of the post - just add the file while editing and you will see a box allowing you to select an attachment and place it where cursor is positioned. Any image posted will be put on our server, so there is no risk of loosing it.
Old posts, which are using the [img] tag, will be converted to use the "attachment" feature, so the images wouldn't be lost.

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